Saturday, May 01, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I noticed I have picked up a few more followers here on this blog, and I am happy to have you here. I hope you find my ramblings worth your time.

When I was a child, all I ever dreamed about was being a writer. When I grew up, I became a journalist. Not that there's a whole lot of difference between the two in spirit, only in definition.

We who put pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard, do so out of a driving need to say something. Thoughts, ideas, opinions, feelings stir around inside us seeking some sort of expression. For writers of fiction that expression comes through worlds they create.

For journalists it comes through worlds created for them to report on or to write commentary on.

And now we have this whole new world of blogging that is part journalism, part journal writing , and part commentary. We can find blogs on all kinds of topics and subjects and the wealth of information and expertise being shared is amazing.

I have enjoyed being involved in this new form of writing. It has been fun to meet new people through their comments on my posts, and I have reciprocated by visiting their blogs. I have learned a lot about writing through the expertise shared on so many author blogs, but I have also learned some things about gardening, cooking, simple home repairs and much more.

What about you.? What are some of the things you have learned by visiting blogs?


Janalyn Voigt, escape into creative worlds of fiction. said...

Blogs help me learn from others' experiences. I read blogs for personal perspectives.

Helen Ginger said...

I've learned about different genres of writing, from mystery to memoir to steampunk to poetry. I've also learned about photography to science to gardening to cooking to so many things.

Straight From Hel

Maryannwrites said...

You're one up on me, Helen. I have no idea what steampunk is.