Guidelines for Guest Bloggers

On Wednesdays I welcome guest bloggers here at It's Not All Gravy. Guests can write on any topic except religion or politics - humor is always most welcome.

For authors, I prefer a piece that is not just a promo for a book. Write about something you do that is interesting, or some unusual bit of research you did for your book, or a funny thing that happened in your life. I can send interview questions, or you can work up a post where you interview your central character or he or she interviews you. That is always a fun blog. I prefer the blog piece to be between 500 and 600 words. Definitely under 700 words. If you can include a graphic that illustrates your topic in some way, that would be good.

I sometimes review the guest author's book the previous Sunday with a mention that he or she will be our guest on Wednesday.  If you would like me to read your book for possible review, make arrangements to get it to me at least a month before your scheduled appearance. Contact me at maryann  (at) maryannwrites (dot) com for details on sending ARCs. I do not read erotica or fantasy, and am not fond of paranormal. I like mysteries, suspense, women's fiction, memoirs, humor, and mainstream novels.

What I would need in advance is a headshot, jpg of your cover, short bio, short book blurb. Also include buy links, and other links where people can find you on the Internet: Website, Blog, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. Please send the post the week before you are to appear. Contact me at maryann  (at) maryannwrites (dot) com to schedule an appearance.

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John Henry (Jack) Brebbia said...


I'm a Las Vegas based writer interested in being interviewed and in having my second novel - in The War Zone - reviewed by you. In The War Zone is not about war or the military, rather it is an uncommon contemporary love story about Gibb Quinn, a street fighter raised by his single mother in a trashy Vegas trailer park. A scholarship to a small Oregon college compliments of the Bishop Gorman High basketball coach enables Gibb to escape from his gangbanger neighborhood and to become a star computer salesman for the Big Byte Corporation. Gibb's is a quintessential American success story until he is sent to a small Connecticut coastal town to rescue a failing retail outlet. From the outset, treated as a hustler from Sin City, Gibb’s fortunes worsen when he clashes with the local aristocracy, Yale graduates all, over his involvement with the town belle who happens to be engaged to one of their own. From there the story proceeds to its surprise ending.
CreateSpace published it last February and it is listed on More info about the book and me is available on my Amazon Author's page and on my website:
I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this further with you. I believe I have an interesting story to relate to your readers about my background.
John Henry Brebbia