Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday's Odds and Ends

First I want to acknowledge all my new followers. Glad to have you aboard and hope you find your visits worthwhile.

A recent letter to the editor in the Dallas Morning News responded to the lack of civility in public discourse. The person wrote, "As repugnant as it can be sometimes, this country embraces freedom of speech and permits the right to hate for all."

True, but that doesn't mean that we should all go into some sewer to make a point or join a debate.

We would all like to believe that bigotry is dead, yet people on Grand Isle in Louisiana got nervous when a group of minority workers showed up to keep beaches free from oil during the Gulf oil spill. According to a news story, the people were nervous because they were not used to seeing a "mass of people of color coming onto their isle."

Hmmm. What colors are their maids and gardeners?

Some company is offering bikini waxes for 8-year-old girls.

Not even worth a comment.

And finally, this word from the political arena.  The $600 million border security bill was passed in the senate recently with 98% of the chamber empty.  Senator Charles Schumer from New York and one other senator opened the session for 31 minutes and passed the bill. And Schumer actually nerve to gave a speech thanking "Everyone for their bipartisan support of the bill."

To whom was he speaking?

Any absurdities you might want to add to my list?


Alex Ong said...

As a recent follower I do find your posts enlightening. In fact, I read that article too about the fears of Louisiana residents and the flux of "strangers" to help THEM clean THEIR home. Sigh.

Maryannwrites said...

Thanks for following me and for the kind words about my posts. I will hop over to visit your blog when I get a chance. Busy day today so I won't be online much. Going to rehearse for my first singing gig. My son who is doing the music with me said we are not ready for Nashville, but perhaps some alternative label. Whatever that meant. LOL

Alex Ong said...

Sing your heart out!

Helen Ginger said...

On that last one, I would also ask where were our representatives. Were they all hiding out so they could say they hated the bill and they didn't vote for it? Were they off on vacation, at lunch? Probably they were on TV condemning some other representative.

Rosaria Williams said...

Eye opener! Thanks.