Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Having a Bit of Fun at a Yard Sale

Before we get into the fun part of today's post, I just want to mention that my short story, The Visitor, is free today then tomorrow, One Small Victory goes free for five days. This will be the last time One Small Victory will be free, but I will occasionally put a short story free again for Kindle. With so many other reading devices out there now, I just don't see the wisdom in keeping the novel limited to Amazon.

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And now please welcome my frequent Wednesday's Guest, Slim Randles, with a bit of country humor. 

The hassled, red-faced man cruising the neighborhood Saturday morning in the pickup truck is good ol’ Bert, of course. It’s a Saturday in summer, which means only one thing in our part of the country – yard sales. That’s why the charming lady riding next to him, his wife, Maizie, was wearing a big grin.

“There’s one Bert,” she said. “On the right. Pull over and park.”

G645CMissionLamp.jpg (99397 bytes)
Not exactly Maizie's, but Close
It took Maizie almost 20 minutes to work her way up the driveway. There were three boxes of paperback books to go through first, then a shelf full of various knobs.

After getting two paperback books that she hadn’t read in several years, there was a little stack of doilies to go through.

“We don’t need doilies,” Bert said.

“Hush!” said Maizie. “People will think you aren’t friendly.”

Then she spotted the lamp.

It was only five bucks, and it was a golden brown like a big fat vase and had a nice amber shade on it.

“Oh Bert,” Maizie said. “It’s a lot like the one we used to have. Remember that one? It used to sit on the end table closest to the door to your den. I really miss that lamp. Let’s get this one, Bert. It’ll remind us of the one we used to have, OK?”

“It is kinda nice,” Bert said.

Maizie bought it and Bert loaded it in the pickup, along with the new ironing board, game cartridge for the grandkids, plant pots for the geraniums, dishes for Maizie’s dish collection, a serving spoon holder from Niagara Falls, and a five-gallon milk can to put magazines on.

When they got home and were unloading, Bert noticed Maizie’s initials on the bottom of the new table lamp. Didn’t the Johnson’s buy this from them in their yard sale about 10 years ago?

Oh well, nothing shines like a new lamp, and Bert might be tired of yard saling, but he is still gentleman enough not to spoil it for Maizie.
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Susan Flett Swiderski said...

HA! That's funny, and I've seen exactly that sort of thing happen before. Amateur radio operators have what we call hamfests, which is like a giant flea market of amateur radio equipment, most new and used. One fella was looking through the gear and told his lady friend that the old rig there was just like the one he'd built back in the '60s. "Except," he said, "I put my callsign here inside." He opened the top, and you guessed it, there was his old callsign... four decades and several states later... there was the rig he built years ago. Needless to say, the rig went home with him.

Marian Allen said...

Great stories! It's funny how things come back around to you sometimes. :)

I'll add one to the collection: My roommate came in one day, wearing a pair of my jeans. I told her it was okay, but why? She said they were HER jeans, that she'd just bought at Goodwill. Then I remembered I had donated them to a church clothes closet on the other side of town.

Marian Allen
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Helen Ginger said...

Very cute. I loved the way the story circled around.

Morgan Mandel said...

Funny how life can be! I love yard sales, garage sales, rummage sales. It's such fun to see what I can find.

Really cute lamp!

Morgan Mandel

Maryannwrites said...

I like the lamp, too Morgan. Maybe I can find one at a yard sale. LOL

Marian and Susan, thanks for sharing your stories. As Helen said, it is fun to see how things come full circle.

Sherry Ellis said...

Haha! Funny story!