Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feline Friends

Our dog needs a canine friend. Seriously, what would her family think if they saw her cavorting with all these cats? Poppy is half Border Collie and half Australian Shepard. She should be herding sheep, not cats. But I guess in the absence of sheep, cats will do.

Poppy likes to play with John -- the big cream colored cat. But with Misty, pictured here, she just likes to lie down in the sun and maybe trade a few licks. Misty likes to rub all over Poppy before settling down for a nap.

The only cat Poppy doesn't have much to do with is Orca. Maybe because of his name? Which is too bad because Orca really is a sweet, loving cat.

I wish these pictures had turned out better. I was taking them through a window --- obviously -- and didn't notice how bad the reflection was until I loaded the pictures on my computer. By then, the animals had moved so there was no way to get another shot.

Oh well....


Morgan Mandel said...

Poor Rascal doesn't have any animal friends at home at all, and she loves other dogs. She has to settle for me and the DH because we couldn't handle any more than her. She's not a puppy any more, but still acts like a close to 70 pound one.

Morgan Mandel

Helen Ginger said...

Poppy is wonderful. Our dog Ruffles, as far as I know, hadn't had any experience with cats, but when she was young, many, many years ago, all you had to do was say, kitty, kitty, kitty, and she'd go bananas looking for one.

Maryann Miller said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies. What would we do without our pets?

This morning, Poppy and John were playing outside, chasing each other all over the yard. It was so cool to watch.