Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring is busting out all over

One of my favorite things to see in the spring is all the wild, and not so wild, daffodils as they start popping up. Here in East Texas they grow wild along the roadways, but they are also popular flowers for home landscaping. They come up before the grass starts to grow so they can be planted throughout an entire yard.

My neighbors, about a mile down the road, have a gorgeous display of daffodils surrounding their house. Some yellow and some with pale outer petals and deep orange centers. They also have a huge old oak tree with daffodils planted around the base. Every day when I drive by I think I should take pictures, so the last time I passed and had my camera with me, I stopped.

I took a few shots and then one of their cats decided to come over and say "howdy." She seemed to enjoy weaving her way through the rows of flowers and liked having her picture taken.

What are the first signs of spring you see where you live?


Morgan Mandel said...

Lovely pictures! So far, I can see some action from my bulbs, but just leaves sprouting so far. Illinois is kind of slow.

Morgan Mandel

LuAnn said...

I love daffodils! Pretty.
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Laura Eno said...

Beautiful! I haven't done anything with my yard. I think tigerlily bulbs work in Florida.

Maryann Miller said...

Laura, yes, tigerlillies should work in FL. THey are gorgeous flowers, too. I have some that come up later in the summer here.

Carol Kilgore said...


The Bradford pear trees are blooming here. And some of the redbuds.

Bluebonnets should come before too much longer - and this should be a good year.

Maryann Miller said...

Carole, I am really looking forward to the bluebonnets. The same neighbors who have the daffodils also have a huge swath of bluebonnets on their property. I need to get a picture of that.

The neighbor is a master gardener, so I am always delighted to see what is blooming when I drive by. Makes me slow down and smile, which is a very good thing.

Helen Ginger said...

Beautiful pictures. We've got bulbs coming up in our garden. For several weeks now, I've had fresh flowers in the house. Trees are starting to bud out, too. Spring is a great time of the year!

Straight From Hel