Friday, October 22, 2010

No Odds 'N Ends This Week

It's terrible when a cold slams into you and literally takes three days out of your carefully planned schedule. That's what happened to me this week when I was supposed to be gathering interesting pieces of news to lay out here for comment.

There was lots of other work I was supposed to be doing, as well, and not much got done. I will be playing catch-up for quite a while.

I suppose I could have stayed home today and taken care of the blog, but instead I chose to go on a trail ride with two of my kids. We will ride all day Saturday and half of Sunday, and I'm sure I will find muscles I never knew I had as they protest.

I was supposed to spend most of this week doing some specific exercises to prepare for the ride. I don't think laying on the couch and reaching for a tissue every 15 minutes utilized the muscles that needed help. Hopefully, what I have done the past few weeks was enough.

So.... what is going to be my excuse for skipping Monday's post?


Carol Kilgore said...

I'm glad you're better enough to hit the trail. Have fun. I can't begin to imagine how sore I would be from riding a horse for a day and a half. I wouldn't be able to move. Seriously.

Mason Canyon said...

You'll probably be sore, but you'll have enough fun to more than make up for it. Have a great time and hope you continue to feel better.

Thoughts in Progress

Laura Eno said...

On Monday you'll be soaking in the tub! Have fun!