Thursday, October 15, 2009

Author Spotlight

A fellow author, Chris Redding, has graciously hosted me on her blog as the guest author. She did a wonderful interview and I am so grateful to her. One of the things she asked was about the first book I ever wrote and it was fun to go back and remember. Here is a LINK if you are interested in reading the interview.

This kind of opportunity is one of the neat things about the Internet and using it for promoting. And we can meet some of the nicest people along the way. I have known Chris from several author loops, and she is a generous supporter of her fellow authors.

Thanks, Chris.


Helen Ginger said...

I totally agree about the Internet being a wonderful way to promote yourself and your books - and a great way to meet people.

Congrats on the interview.

Straight From Hel

Maryann Miller said...

Thanks, Helen.